JMMB Media utilizes the power of social media to keep your content in front of people all around the world. Whether it is interviewing our guest on Facebook Live or Youtube or sharing our podcast with their voice and their special gift.

Your website is your storefront. Making a statement on the web is priceless. JMMB Media has options that can support you in getting your website up and running. We provide Do-It Yourself options, SSL for an existing website, security for your website, consultation and more.

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As Talk Show Host, JMMB Media can feature you on our TV show under Raven International TV network on Roku and Fire TV, where your message has access to over 75 million viewers.

Just Minding My Business Podcast airs both in the US and Internationally. Why? Our guest are amazing people that bring content that people can use, while sharing their special gift. They understand that it's all about connecting with them first and then to the product or service they offer.

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Just Minding My Business Media is always coming up with innovative ways to highlight and share your gift. We offer Commercial Creation with Voice Over, advertisements in mainstream online magazines. Advertising you, advertises us, so it's a Win Win situation.

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